Can Your Debt Delay Your Life Plans?

Can Your Debt Delay Your Life Plans?

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Justin is excited it is Friday! Hell, yeah pay day. That direct deposit just hit. Time to break out the budget I just made $3500 this month.

Net Income: $3500

Rent: $1200

Utilities: $50

Auto Loan: $300

Spending gas groceries utilities etc: $1000

Credit Cards: $800

Total: $3350

Dam where did it all go?! What happened?! Even worse I just paid $800 in credit card bills and only $125 went down on my principal balance I can’t keep doing this. Even worse how am I going to be able to buy that house for Sarah and me at this rate.

For women, debt is a major turnoff as they want a partner who is stable and can satisfy them both in and out of the bedroom.

According to a survey, a large number of borrowers are delaying their life plans such as relationships, marriage, and even starting a family. Debt affects even personal relations in life, thus it has become a major reason for delaying life plans.

When debt problems are somewhat problematic, it may often lead a person to create a negative self-image which restrains them to enter a new phase of life while they are dealing with the problems. Many people do not even want to open up about their debts with their partners and thus keep delaying the life plans until they are debt-free. So, if you are looking for a stress-free life, you need freedom from your debt it is time to reach out to Nest Egg Financial about our 100% money back debt modification service. It is time to become debt free!