Why Debt Is A Major Turnoff For Many Women?
Young woman holding credit cards and looking stressed having financial problems.

Why Debt Is A Major Turnoff For Many Women?

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You have seen it in the movies the ugly bald guy with terrible clothes and the most beautiful woman on his arm. Everyone know why it is because of MONEY! Yes, money is attractive you would have to be lying to yourself if you didn’t think that money was attractive. Sure, there are other qualities in a person that we as people find attractive, but money most certainly should be included. Now… what is the inverse of that? Debt or the lack of money. How embarrassing is it if you can’t take your husband or wife out to dinner or not afford an anniversary gift or vacation. Women and Men don’t find debt attractive.

As sexy as money can be debt is the opposite.

Money does not make the sexiest talk and when it is about your debt, you should be warned that it can be a major turnoff for your woman. You have to agree that a woman will not think twice before walking out on a relationship if you had lied to her about debt.

The reasons are-

  • Women are more realistic, and they know that financial issues can cause trouble in a relationship.
  • Every woman is not the same. Some only want to stay at home, and take care of their kids. Thus, they need a man who is financially stable and is capable of taking care of her.
  • Women want transparency and thus they require their partner to disclose their credit report. After all, they are thinking about their future.
  • If you lie to her about your debt, she knows it that you are not honest in your relationship.
  • If your financial goals include owning a home and starting a family, you will need your debt situation under control.

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